Angles in formulas

I want to put in a formula which shows an angle multiplied by the square root of a variable. I enter the formula as ±0°0’25" * SQRT{n}. What displays in my document is ±0°0’25 * SQRT{n}. Neither the " nor square root symbol display. If I change the formula to ±0°0’25 * SQRT{n}, the square root symbol displays, but I don’t have the " in the formula.
Neither the ° or ’ cause a problem with the formula, only the ".

How am I do I enter " in an angle without screwing up the formula?

I’m using LibreOffice on Windows 7 64 bit.

You need the characters PRIME (code point U+2032) and DOUBLE PRIME (code point U+2033) from the subset General Punctuation. You can insert them into a text document via Special Character dialog and copy&paste them into the formula, or you add them to the Catalog. If you need help with the Catalog look at section “Customizing the catalog” in

Or copy them from here 0°0′25″.