Angular integration of LibreOffice

Hey everyone,

I was looking for an open source integration of a document editor in a web-application. As LibreOffice is the most advanced tool so far, I want to integrate it into my website. Do you know if there is a node.js solution I can stick to or do you have any other suggestions how to use LibreOffice and especially writer?

Otherwise, where can I start to adjust and integrate LibreOffice myself?


Have a look at:

Angular integration??? Do you want to rotate text? To send it rotated into a web app?

If you expect sensible answers, please explain your problem clearly and understandably to contributors. Expose your goal, what you have available, what you’ve done so far and the expected result. And don’t forget OS name, LO version and save format if applicable.

@ajlittoz, I would assume here (based on the topic description) that the OP is referring to Angular js.

But, equally, I agree with your request for more information.