Annoying reminders and user information

Here are two more annoying things about this board. Three, actually. :wink: Start rant

  • “This is the first time user XXX posted something here” or words to that effect. Or: “It’s been a while since we last saw user XXX.” It clutters the list of messages and doesn’t really add anything. Please get rid of it, if possible.
  • When I post a few comments in a topic, I can expect to get a comment like: “It seems that this subject is important for you. Please invite others to join the conversation.” Or even: “Please continue the discussion by PM.” I beg your pardon? If a user asks ever more questions and I want to edit my first reply to keep the discussion short, I still have to post a comment or send a PM to all involved that I updated my original answer, because people aren’t informed about that.
  • Please get rid of the list of related topics at the bottom. It doesn’t add anything, it’s just annoying that Ctrl+End doesn’t take me to the last post but to the bottom of that list.

Feeling better now. :slightly_smiling_face:

For me, it could be useful if said about the original poster.

If they were related, may be. But they are “suggested” (spam?).