Another Writer calc question (=sum in tables)

I use tables a lot for my columnar data. In one case I’m using =sum to total the previous cells. Is there a way to code this so if a new row is inserted or deleted the =sum calculation will be automatically recalculated? I know calc does this but that’s really overkill for this task.
Thanks for any reply.

Works for me. Possibilities for not working are:

  1. Saved as .doc or .docx (always save as .odt to keep functionality)
  2. Inserting a row outside the range of the first and last summed rows. If you think you will add items in future leave a blank row before the sum but include that row in the sum; when you add a new row add it between the blank row and the last filled data row.

BTW adding a spreadsheet into a Writer document is quite simple and is best for anything more than absolute basic stuff like summing.

  1. Make your table in Calc with calculations then copy the range of used cells
  2. Click in Writer where you want the table and click Edit > Paste Special > Paste Special > LibreOffice Spreadsheet and click OK
  3. adjust Anchoring and Wrap options to suit and size as needed

And, to not see this blank row, set its height to 0 (menu Format - Size - Row Height).

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