Any further measures of preparation in sub-documents for cross-referencinn

Writer 7.6 for Linux
working with sub-documents .odt’s
going to bind them to one document (master) some day in future

I am still working at level of sub-documents. My work at master level will start not before I am ready with all sub-documents.
There will be few cross-references sub-document to sub-document.
I am aware of the need to conduct certain preparation steps before cross-references this kind can be made - Writer Guide 7.6, chapter 17, sections Preparing targets as items for cross referencing, and Cros-referencing between sub-documents.
The question is if in my current phase of writing (still only on sub-documents) any further steps needs to be taken in sub-documents.
I mean for instance a kind of place-holders for cross-reference origin points to be placed in sub-document?

Cross-reference target is the spot in document a cross-reference is pointing to. True?
By x-reference origin I mean the point where the x-reference starts to be pointing to its target - the reference anchor - here will be the x-reference target be presented.

Any ways are known to make references set in one document be visible for other document (master document not in focus here)?

If I only understand the current implementation status properly it is only the master document which has the chance to see reference-points set in other documents. Master has this capability only if one further condition is met: it must include the document the master itself or some of its sub-documents wants to refer to.
Furthermore, depending on how cross-references are made, the paragraph shape (in worst-case the page layout) of the sub-document referring to other one differ between master- and sub-document stand-alone view - this is disadvantage in the phase of text checks. It happens because the error message at anchor of cross-reference can have different length as the cross-reference when it gets successfully resolved. Even enabling View > Field Names may not help because string length difference may still exist.

Have you read the Writer Guide where the trick is explained?
However, you can’t easily get cross-references to headings. You must add unique references to the headings you want to cross-ref.

The plethora of questions you ask about master and subdocs makes me think you are complicating things, probably because you didn’t abstract your document structure enough. Don’t try to make it over-complicated. Adhere to the “KISS” principle (Keep It Simple, Silly/Stupid). If you have too many cross-references between sub-document, surely your way of splitting text is sub-optimal. Although you can cross-reference between subdocs, avoid to do that as it is not really user-friendly and certainly hard to maintain.

First of all, is the master+subs architecture really necessary? Present computers, even laptops, can “easily” manage documents up to ~1000 pages (a bit smaller if you have many frames = images, charts, OLE objects, … or tables). Make things easier by applying strict styling (avoid as much as you can direct formatting).

In OP the information which parts of Writer Guide had been consulted. Proceeding instructions were found rather than some tricks. After reading questions still open as here and as in Inter-document cross-referencing to target numbering instead of target text


as a “measure”, you should just play with some mock docs to consolidate your agility / readiness :wink:

In addition to @fpy ,

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