Any future plans for a free Android/IOS version of LibreOffice on Playstore?

I was wondering, since this software is on windows with full of features, how about adding it on playstore/appstore too?

This is an amazing open-source and free Office alternative with full of features that even Microsoft Office doesn’t have, if this app would be on Playstore or Appstore, it would be very popular. Because, it’s free, and it’s open-source, so if you make the version for either IOS/Android and put the source somewhere online like github, others can do other amazing jobs with it, people can be creative and make several versions of it.

Now you see, I’ve thought about it, making this software on Android and IOS would be a big work, but let’s just say I don’t have a problem with adding advertisements in the application. But, since there is donation buttons and etc, let’s not put a lot of advertisements. Just like how we open LibreOffice on desktop, it will open like a Launcher, and later you choose where you want to go for example Writer Document, Calc Spreadsheet and Impress Presentation. In this menu, put some ads under the screen, or popup ads and etc, BUT when we choose for example going to Writer Document, It wouldn’t be nice including popup ads while working on your project for example, so please don’t make it too much ads.

And you could also add a donation button in the app.

And, we’re thinking about AppStore and Playstore, we all have to think about the company that doesn’t have playstore anymore… AppGallery, Huawei’s own Playstore version, this way Huawei users would enjoy the application too. Of course, it will be codded all with HMS without GMS.

I’m waiting for responses,

Stay safe and have a good day!

Collabora Office for Android & iOS

Okay, thanks. But, I was suggesting an official one.
I’ll try the one you sent.

Collabora Office is developed in very close cooperation with the LibreOffice team. Moreover, any reports about Collabora Office should be submitted to LibreOffice Bugzilla. Thus, it is quite official.

Collabora Office uses the source of LibreOffice, whereas on their website it’s paid. Hmm… At least on playstore it’s free.

What is paid?, you can find Collabora for Android on Google Play, in the in the Collabora website there is ‘Get it on Google Play’ and except somewhere there is something special for you no need to pay anyting. And you like it or not, are not in the plans of TDF to release LibreOffice for Android/IOS, thanks to Collabora we have it. Advisory board

Owh, about the paid ones, I was talking the desktop version of Collabora.

Okay then, where’s the forums for Collabora Office (android)?