Any major issues in following approach to initiate custom template?

LO 7.5.9
Writing is going to use master and subdocuments, be style-based, one template for all document components, custom styles maintenance on template level, set of styles to maturate along with writing.

Has following approach any major issues?

Look for .ott file named Default, do the search in user home. LO was in use in the past that machine. If one gets found in a sub-directory yet sounding as owned by LibreOffice make a duplicate, move duplicate to user folder. Rename it according to local needs then register it with Writer. Copy in user folder gets removed, backups are made on folder which is added to Options… > LibreOffice > Paths. Do not set it as default template, anyhow use only custom template when master or any sub-document gets created: menu File > New… > Templates… > select custom template.


Master documents in Writer

English documentation

Thanks for hint from you. Yes, documentation is used. Myself failed to mention one point, sorry fot this.
The central point of question is searching home directory for file named Default, then if successful on search using it in described way.
All further details were provided as context just for the case answering my question should require description of it.

Don’t bother to look for any default or built-in template. First they are not in your user home directory before your make modifications to them and store them there. Second there is no point for this.

Open a blank document. By default, it will be based on the default template and all the built-in styles will be present. You can also base your blank document on any template, either factory-provided or custom-created.

Once you have your blank document with the desired style collection, customise the styles the way you like. This means modifying built-ins as well as adding user styles.

When you’re done, File>Templates>Save as Template will store your new template in the user directory designated by Tools>Options, LibreOffice>Paths. You can also choose a user default template in lieu of the default system template.

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