Any reasons for Mendeley citation error in LibreOffice?

I have installed Mendeley desktop (v. 1.19.4) and LibreOffice (v. in my laptop. Although the Mendeley plugin for Word is installed, when I try to enter a reference I get the following message “Error: data type mismatch. At line: 844” (sometimes the number of line is different (e.g. 1058).
PS1. The “track changes” is disabled but the error keeps showing.
PS2. I also use the Microsoft Office and the Mendeley works smoothly (so I suppose it is not a Mendeley issue).

Thank you in advance,

Haven’t looked at Mendeley plugin code (I assume “for Word” is either unrelated, or a thinko), but I suppose it’s tdf#135470, fixed in 7.0.1.

Libre 7.0.1? Where I can download it? Today I open just find 7.0.0 is the latest…

Release plan for 7.0.1

Pre-release downloads, where 7.0.1 RC1 may be found for respective OS

Same with my problem, yesterday, since morning it was working well, but in the afternoon suddenly it was error with this statement “Error: Data type mismatch.
At line: 1058”. I didn’t update or install anything.

Can someone help me? Thanks a lot

I have the same problem, unfortunately.

LibreOffice (x64)
Mendeley Desktop 1.19.4
running on Windows 10 Pro x64


Same happened to me, download Mendeleyś Ubuntu version, open the “mendeley-***.deb” file using file roller or similar, locate the extension file “mendeley-1.19.4.oxt” within the location where you expanded the “deb” file. Open Writer->Menu->tools->Extension Manager->click on “Add” open the file “mendeley-1.19.4.oxt” from it was located. Close and reopen Writer.

VERY IMPORTANT: Does not work on LibreOffice Writer installed using Flatpak or Snap (Ubuntu’s default installation method!!! You will have to purge them and install from or using PPA’s.

Need Additional help?.. let me know!

Thanks a lot!!

Did it work!!!