Any way to Navigate the Front Page of

I am using Firefox 45 with a number of accessibility fixes, including animation blockers.

The home page for isn’t working.

If I don’t disable Javascript, I get hit by migraine-inducing animation.

If I do disable Javascript, I can block the animation. I get a message about downloading LibreOffice 5, which I’m already using, and a blurry unusable page. If I click the button saying “to the homepage,” nothing happens. If I click to open in another tab, I get the same message, and the same blurry unusable page.

P.S. I can get around the front page by typing in a guessed-at page, and getting the “page not found error,” and navigating from there.

I can’t find anyone to contact about this and other accessibility problems.

Try clicking in the blurry image the left hand top menu which is Donate.

Or click on Download - both take you to a page where you can access the main menu options.