Anyone experience NAS .tmp file permission denials after upgrade?

I’m running LInux Mint 17.3 on my desktop and have an HP NAS connected via CIFS. This has been working fine for years. I just very recently upgraded to the newest LO version and immediately started seeing access denied errors when saving docs to my NAS drive. Other editors can write to this drive from this machine without issue. Also, on my laptop using the prior version os LO I have no issue.
I’m just wondering if anyone is aware of this and is something that is resolvable or if I should revert to my prior version?
Just asking.

I think some recent patch was about a matter saving files, please test with the latest development version on 6.1.3.

Please report the issue creating a bug report Feedback | LibreOffice - Free Office Suite - Based on OpenOffice - Compatible with Microsoft

Thanks for the quick response. I did download and retried with the 6.1.3 version. Same error(s). I’m going to attempt to post a copy of the msg here:
image description