anyone facing not working slide transition on Mac high Sierra???

I’ve tried LO 6 which I had to uninstall due to huge instability and laggishness. install 5.4 (less largish but not smooth at all). Besides other minor issues, if I create/open/import a presentation in Impress, I apply 3d transition (i.e. cube, 3d Venetian and so on) and it simply doesn’t work. When I go to presentation mode (F5) I change the slide but no animation is played. on the other hand, basic transition works though very very slow.

any suggestion?

Noticed that open gl, though supported up to 4.1, is active untill version 2. The upper version are shown as off. Is there anyway to turn everything on and be able to use impress at its top?

I want to upvote, I have the same problem and I am a new user. Please fix it.