Anyone notice exchange problems between LibreOffice and MS Office 2008?

Have Windows 7 running LibreOffiice and OS X 10.5 running MS Office 2008. I’ve noticed the using an MS Office Excel generated xlsx file used in LibreOffice Calc and then transfered back using xlsx fie format, keeps the numbers and formulas but apparently loses the formatting. I need to redo the formating on MS Excel to fix.

Also a similar transfer from MS Word to LibrOffice Writer and back takes any added single and double quotes after transfering back to MS Word and apparently adds a blank space after them mucking up contractions and quotes. Unclear whether this affects just all single and double quotes or the whole document. To fix I have to open a new document, write the quote or contraction I want and cut and paste it back.

Is this a known issue? Is there a fix? Thank you.

Further investigation shows that after transferring back to MS Word the single or double quote and the blank after it are treated as a single character. This also somehow contaminates the document. Any contraction I type anew has the same problem unless I pull the new document cut and paste trick. This is very annoying.

Thanks for all the help and comments.

The issue with Writer to MS Word 2008 seems to have been that the default fonts weren’t the same. I set LO Writer to the same as MS W 2008 and documents then passed between them without funky alterations in MS W.

The issue between Calc and Excel is still unresolved.