App to create and open spreadsheet, like Microsoft office

I’m a new user in LibreOffice. Before Microsoft Office user. I use several commercial programs, that by default runs some macros (inside them), and it opens a spreadsheet, and do their need actions. Sometimes is filling some information, for user uses it later, or another times, for user to fill some information, for software use it. Those commercial programs, has built in the connection for Microsoft Office.

Now I only have libreOffice installed, and those programs say there is no office installed.

My question is, is there any way for libreoffice act like Microsoft office, and those programs do their actions like in Microsoft Office?


Yes and no.
It depends on the program you use, and what they really need.
If they only check via registry if MSO is installed or call MSO directly this could be replaced by a mock-program.
But it is more likely they use some VBA or inter-process-communication to interact with MSO. And concerning Macros and API MS and LO are different planets. Not possible to replace MS then, without re-writing the “commercial software”

Please be careful during these experiments. Interference with these “several commercial programs” may be a violation of some clauses in a long, long “license agreement”, which may lead to losses (financial and reputational).

What type of mock up program?

If it’s by VBA, anything that we could do?

If you have to ask, then no.
I would suggest to ask the vendors of this commercial programs, if they (could) support also LibreOffice - and also tell you will look for alternatives without vendor-lock-in, if they don’t.

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There were a few projects targeted exactly at that; two of them are AutomateIt! and UniOffice. But they got abandoned, unfortunately.

It may be really hard to fight cartels not needing to negotiate and sign any agreements or to otherwise leave any traces.
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