Append Documents but Keep Formatting

I have two .odt text documents. I want to append one of them after the other to get one document, but keep them looking exactly the same as before. They have different fonts / text sizes, and I want to keep those fonts / text sizes. How do I do this?

Just pasting the content of one into the other totally screws up the formatting, regardless of which paste option I choose. Paste as ODT messes up because it tries to copy the styles of the current document onto the pasted text when they aren’t the same, and paste as RTF messes up all of the list formatting in the pasted text.

If you have conflicting styles, I’m afraid there is no solution. LO Writer emphasizes styles to obtain a consistent look across documents. This culminates in the template concept.

From your description, your documents have deeply different formatting. Even in paper (=physical) typography, you won’t bind together sections exhibiting disparate composition. The visual effect is ugly.

I understand that the difference of styles is an intentional feature (or maybe the consequence that harmonizing styles is too expensive a task). The best you can do is leave them as 2 independent documents and always handle them together (storing them in a dedicated director?). This is easy unless you have a technical reason to merge the documents, such as numbering sequentially items (headings, lists) or building a single TOC or index.

Without TOC/index, there is a standard workaround to achieve continuous numbering by forcing the number of the first heading in the second document but you must edit it manually in case the first document changes.

Note that even creating a master document importing your documents won’t work because the styles used are those defined in the master document, in fact unifying the appearance.

When I have to do as you are describing, I use two sets of styles, for example Heading-A and Heading-B etc… Then there is no conflict between the two documents.