Append ods to existing odb table

LO 7.2. Copied and pasted ods to base to create a table, now trying to append data from the same ods but get this error:

Tried adding a column ID to source before appending, tried unselecting ID column from source before appending, but always same error message.

If the ID column is an automatic one, exclude it from the import. If not, make it an auto-ID.

It is an automatic one, created when the table is initially created, but no matter what I do with it on the source for the append, I get the identical error message.

There are many ways to exclude the ID. I do this frequently. I add the ID column in Calc (no actual data) then when pasting you get first screen:

Then click Next and get:

Just remove check mark left of Source ID and click Create button.

Still no go. It’s as if the append operation is unable to continue generating a primary key in the ID column, whether Source ID selected or not, whether first line is included or not. Also, if I’m trying to append rows that don’t include the first line then the first checkbox on source table won’t be “ID”, it’ll be “Column”, but the same error occurs whether I check it or not.

If I use copy and paste to create a new table from an ods the paste creates a primary key and all fields from the ods are correctly imported to the table. If I then try to append from the same ods to the newly created table I get the error shown above. I have tried every possible combination of ID selected/not selected, of first line selected /not selected. Note that if I create a table from scratch with a primary key the next available key shows <Autofield> in the cell but in the table created automatically by copy and pasting an ods does NOT have <Autofield> in the next cell. I can find no way to change that.

OK, if you use copy and paste to create a table from an ods the copy creates a primary key for you in the new table but it doesn’t make it an autovalue. After creating the table you must edit the table manually and edit the primary key to be an autovalue. Then and only then will a copy and paste Append work.