Appending text to a column of data

I have some data, here is a sample of it:


To all the above I want to append some text to the end of them. The same text to each. Use the following text for example: “”

What I did to get the correct result for this was concentrate the data in a formula. For example:


The problem is that I want this appended so I need this newly generated output copied back to the old column. The problem is that it won’t let me do this. “Insert into multiple selection not possible”.

So what am I suppose to do now?

There are three ways to copy and paste only the text (after copy):

1- Right-click - paste only - text.
2- Paste special [Shift]+[Ctrl]+V, and select only text to past.
3- Click on the right arroy of past button selecting unformatted text.

The option is “Paste Special” and the problem here is that it still gives the error I described.

Please what are the ranges with data and with formulas?

Options work exactly as @mariosv specifies under GNU/Linux. @Fogest you may be experiencing a problem related to your O/S or LO version (neither of which have been specified).

I found that copying out the column to a text editor, and then simply pasting the data back in removed the formula’s. This seems like a big work around but it will work for now.