Application binary shows no icon

Hi, I’m using libreoffice 7.5.5 on Debian Buster. I’m having a particular issue with the application icon of the running program (say for example, Calc or Writer). The window decorator and the running applications bar of my window manager shows a default icon whilst other icons (menu and file associations) are fine.

P.S.: I point out add that I runned the current libreoffice-fresh from archlinux via distrobox on my buster and that showed the program icon correctly (this libreoffice-fresh I now removed)

As today after several updates I’m still missing the icons.
I’ve just tried

$ SAL_USE_VCLPLUGIN=gen libreoffice24.2

this affects heavily the UI look and shows icons. I think I prefer no icon to such a disruptive change in UI. Still looking for a fix.

I’ve found a solution, probably the most obvious. I’ve ditched the official release and installed libreoffice from Debian backports which is almost up-to-date.
I also used some suggestions from #libreoffice on so that I rebooted after removing the official version and also after installing the backports’ one.