Application Constantly "Unexpectedly" Quits

Since downloading LibreOffice 5.03, the application constantly quits on me, up to a dozen times a day. It is EXTEMELY frustrating, and I continually lose entered info, have to go back and reenter.

This wasn’t occurring in the previous latest update of Libre I had download. It’s gotten so bad, that I now using OpenOffice for some documents, as their platform is far more stable that Libre 5.03.

I am running Windows Vista on an HP Laptop. Is a new release coming soon, that will address this issue. I’d like to continue using Libre, as you have more features than OpenOffice.

Mark Hagar
(email removed)


Sorry for the problem you experienced.

In general it comes from the corruption of “profile” information.
This FAQ explains how to rename the concerned folder to solve it.