Application crashes trying to save after deleting cells or rows. Why?

I have a workbook with multiple spreadsheets and am trying to clean up one of the sheets by deleting some cells (and moving other cells up) or rows.

The deleting works properly, but the application crashes each time I try to save my work.

What could be the cause of this instability and how can I fix it?


Are you sure that the crash is related to your edits at all or does it crash on all saves, reagrdless what you did before? If that’s the case please tell us any technical details.

  • Operating system
  • LibreOffice version
  • Storage device (local disk, USB drive, NAS system, network drived, cloud serivce like Google Drive, One Drive etc.
  • Did you already try to perform your action while running in LibreOffice’s Safe Mode (Help -> Restart in Safe Mode)?
  • Did you already reset you LibreOffice user profile

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Win 10 Personal Lenovo Laptop
Version 7.1.22 (x64)
Build 8a45595d069ef5570103caea1b71cc9d82b2aae4
Save to local disk C:
Have not run in Safe Mode. will ASAP
Have not reset user profile. How do I do dat?

Crashes in safe mode also. Does not crash with any changes (other than this particular deleting of cells or rows).

Crashes in safe mode also

Then it is pointless to reset your user profile, since running in Safe Mode is a test, whether a corrupt user profile could cause the issue. If a problem occurs in Safe Mode (which is running in a temporary user profile) as well, then most likely it is not caused by your original user profile.

  • Which file format are you using (.ods or some other format like .xlsx or some such)?
  • Does this problem happen with a specific file only or with all files (even newly created ones)?

I saw an link to the side here about a similar problem in LO with Win XP, that did not happen in OpenOffice, so I decided to test it in OO. I was able to delete some rows and save. So I reopened in LO and discovered what appeared to be some very large blank image squares or text boxes on the page. I deleted the by selecting them and then deleting them using the keyboard Del key. Once they were gone, I deleted rows and saved. I have no idea how they got there, or what they were supposed to contain but for now deleting them seems to have corrected the problem. Thank you for looking at this.