Application stopped and not loading at all

Operating system Windows 10. Using Libre for over 6 years and the program is great. Two days ago I received the notification new version so decided to update it to 7.4.3 from 7.3.7. Once the update was completed the application continue to work that day, but now for the last 2 days is not loading at all. . Because not working I remove the new version and installed 7.3.7 back, and now that version is not functional either. The only thing is doing it spins like trying to load but never opens I even try just Calc app alone and nothing. I wish it provides me with an error but nothing at all.

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Find out who or what did the update and why.
Use the task-manger of your OS to find out, if the program starts without opening a window / old processes exist. Clean this if necessary and reboot. Try again.
Try to start from command-line to check, if you get error-messages there.
If the program starts but hangs, try safe mode or rename the user-profile.
If the program does not start at all check security systems in your OS. Sometimes virus-protection needs an announcement by administrator to allow “new” or changed software.
Check in forum or help/pages of your OS, if other users got the same problem in the last days.
If you find a solution you are welcome to pist it here, but please name your OS then. Most Mac-Users are not pleased with solutions for Snap-installs in Ubuntu etc. So we avoid linking to non fitting solutions…

PS: Your Tag base is misleading, as it names the database component of LibreOffice. So your question may attract more people who read SQL than experts to install files.

I use the task-manger as recommended and nothing is there for Libre office, not even a window is started. There are no old processes that exist.
Try to start from command-line to check, if you get error-messages there. How do I get to the command line?

Trying to open it and the task mgr creates a line but about 6-7% it is suspended.

Can you start LibreOffice in safe mode? From the start menu click apps - LibreOffice - LibreOffice (safe mode) - continue in safe mode.

If you can then rename your user profile, LibreOffice user profile - The Document Foundation Wiki

it finally opened. By renaming the user profile you mean type my information under options user data?

Thanks a TON!!!,

No. Follow the link given by @EarnestAl
The user profile is a folder (usually hidden), where your custom settings, dictionaries, macros etc are stored by default. Sometimes LibreOffice stumbles on errors in this files. Then it helps to use “safe mode” = ignore the profile or to rename this folder = LibreOffice will not find the profile and create a new one.
Rename instead of delete is useful, if you need to recover something like dictionaries or macros from the old profile. If you have a full backup of all data on your system, you could also access this - but nobody can know, if you have a useable backup.

Thanks!!! for your help, I am finally back using Libre Office and even update to 7.4.3.