Apply conditional formatting as direct formatting


Using LibreOffice Calc Version:

I am applying a “Color Scale” conditional formatting to a column of cells. I want to be able to keep the formatting as regular formatting, not conditional formatting. Ie, I want to be able to “apply” the conditional formatting as direct formatting. Is this possible?

If not, a secondary question is how one column of cells can have a “color scale” conditional formatting based on the values in another column?

The effects achievable by CF using any variant of All Cells modes are not available by actual formatting. There simply is no property of Cell or of CellStyle objects capable of producing such an effect. The effects are generated for and directly applied to the cell areas in the current view.

Secondary question: No way.

If you are ready to do lots of programming, you might evaluate the statistics behind the coloring yourself (using hidden cells e.g.) and set the colors for the intended target cells by user code. Complications expected!

Data Bar / Gradient aren’t even available this way.

Dedicating a sufficient number of named CellStyle to the task, you can get a similar effect like Color Scale using the STYLE() function. It’s complicated again and comes with disadvantages.

Thanks for your responses.

Part of my workflow involved generating tables in the R language and importing them to a spreadsheet, and then styling. In the end I was able to use a package in R to generate xlsx spreadsheets, and adding formatting of cells in R, and then open in calc. So far it is working nicely.