Apply footnote style for imported wordperfect documents

When I import wordperfect files into libreoffice, footnotes are imported having “standard” as basic format + some direct formatting.

I can go through all the footnotes one by one and apply the footnote style to them, but having many wordperfect files and many footnotes that is no practical option.

Any suggestion how I could apply the footnote style to all imported footnotes in one step?

This LibreOffice under Debian wheezy. (But the same problem we have with libreoffice under windows 8.)

First install “Alternative dialog Find & Replace for Writer” ( Then open it for a search.

Check “Regular expressions”, use “[::Footnote::]\\” (without the quotation marks) as search term, do a “Find all” and close the search window.

Now all footnotes are selected and you can apply the footnote style on all of them in one step.

Maybe useful:

(1) how to select all notes or macro to delete all of them?

(2) How to select content of all footnotes at once?

With the help of (1) I can indeed find all footnotes, but searching all selects all the citation numbers, not the footnotes themselves. (2) doesn’t work, as the footnotes don’t have “Footnote” as style, but instead “Standard”. (Looking at content.xml: More precisely they have “P10” as style.)

Combining (1) and (2) and some info from the helpfile of the extension ( solves the problem. Thanks.