Apply multiple page styles in 1 page?

Unable to apply image 1 as header and image 2 as watermark in same page

Libre Office writer 5.0, Ubuntu 15.10 (64 bit)

You cannot have different page styles on the very same page, because it is page style and therefore applies to the whole page.

To solve your problem, you can but the image for the header to the header area or to the header paragraph style:

  • To put the image to the header, goto Format > Page > tab Header. Click on the “More” button.

  • To put the image to the header paragraph style, set the cursor into the header and make sure the header has the style “Header”. Then right-click the header area and choose item “Edit Style” from the context menu. You can set a background in tab “Area”. In contrast to an image in a header background, you can set negative values for the margin of the paragraph style “Header”, so that you can force paper-width header backgrounds in the style.