Apply template change to all files

I am trying to create a template and use it to create multiple presentations. If I understand correctly, when I change something in the template, it should change in any presentation that was created using the template.
This is what I am trying

  • Open a blank presentation
  • Modify the master slide
  • Save as a template through: File → Templates → Save template
  • Create and save a new presentation using that template.
  • Close everything and open the template through: File → Templates → Open template
  • Make some changes to the master slide.
  • Save the changes using the save button.
  • Close the template and open the presentation I created before

When I do that, the changes that I made in the template don’t take place in the presentation. I know that the template is working, because if I create a new presentation, that one includes the changes I made.

I would appreciate some help. Thank you in advance

You have saved the template somewhere in your documents folder or in Windows ShellNew folder? Try the following:
Now the template will be saved and registered in your profile folder. Documents derived from this template will show the template name in menu:File>Properties… tab “General” and they will be compared with the registered template when loading. A message pops up asking if you want to adopt the changes made in the template.

You may also add your template folder(s) under Tools>Options>Paths. I never tried this method.

I tried saving it in the profile folder using: Template>Save…
When I do it like that, the template appears on startup.
I just checked, and when I do it like that, it does not show under File>Properties.

I tried changing the Path, and I can create a new presentation using the template, but again it does not show under File>Properties.

Thanks for the help

I think that I just fixed it. I had to create the new presentation from: File>New>Template
If I create it from the star menu it won’t work.
Thank you for the help!

Yes, only File>New>Template will record template information in your document. Any other way does not create the link between the document and the template.

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It’s weird how it let’s you choose a template on startup, but it’s not really working as a template. I am not sure if this is the expected behavior or a bug.
Thank you all for the help.

You can use a template in a variety of ways. The ways try to adapt to your usual workflow. But there is only one method to flag the document for template auto-update.

This it is not weird. Writer does not try to impose a workflow on you. However, if you want to benefit from some “advanced” feature, you must follow the feature rule.