Applying footnote paragraph style from new template

I’ve received a document (A) that I need to update using specific paragraph and character styles. So I create a template (B) with the styles needed, save it, and create a new document (C) based on B.

In A, I select all and copy and paste it into C. The result is that in C, the Default Paragraph Style is correct (as in B) but not the footnotes – these are still formatted as they were in A.

How do I apply the footnote style from B to the footnotes in C? – Of course I can click into each footnote, do a “Select All” (of one footnote, that is), and then click on “Clear Direct Formatting”. With hundreds of footnotes, however, this is not an attractive solution. Surely there is a simpler way?

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Use Find and Replace. In the dialog box, tick Paragraph Styles. Select the Footnotes paragraph style, then click Find all. That will select all footnotes. Close the dialog box, press Ctrl+M to remove the direct formatting.