Applying sets of conditional formatting rules

Some questions about using conditional formatting:

I would like to apply different sets of conditional formatting rules. For example, a
set of rules named “my-general-style” for general styling) like alternating row colors that I want
applied always and every where. Then another set of rules named “my-warning-style” that represent certain
data in cells as “warning” (e.g. fill background color of cells whose values
are greater than ‘80’).

  • Is it possible to toggle “my-warning-style” on/off (i.e. enabled/disabled) while
    keeping “my-general-style” on?

  • If I want the general rule for alternating row colors to take lower
    precedence than the rule for values > 80, then I would need to group them in
    the same set of rules. I only see the option to set the precedence of rules
    within a set of rules–there is no option to move up/down rules in “managing
    conditional formatting” window.

  • Is it possible to name a set of conditional formatting rules? I don’t see that option available but it seems like it would be desirable.

Please see my comment regarding your question in How to override conditional formatting or set precedence?

@anon73440385 Thanks for the answer to the other questions,-- played for conditional formatting a bit after and was able to get it mostly to how I want it. I think my question on this thread is different though, here’s an example:

I want alternate background row color (in blue) as a general rule that applies to the entire spreadsheet. I want another rule that colors a cell in one column (in red) if another cell on another column has the text “denied” if it it’s in the same row. The latter rule should take precedence over the former, i.e. a cell that should be blue is colored red if both conditions are met.

It seems I am not able to set precedence of the two rules because they do not apply to the same set of cells–one applies to all spreadsheets and one applies to only cells in 1 column. I am only able to set precedence if the conditional rules are grouped. In the case of Libreoffice, conditional rules are only grouped of the set of cells the rules act on are the same.