APSO console hangs on Loading XRay

I’m tinkering with APSO just to see if it’s ever handy to have an interactive console for testing something, but of course I wanted to try launching MRI and XRay from the console. Both MRI and XRay work as expected from LO BASIC. MRI works as expected from the APSO console. But the console hangs showing Loading XRay… (Ctrl+z will kill it and take LO with it; the console window still repaints.)

I’ve tried explicitly importing XRay with no change. I haven’t downgraded XRay or done similar testing since MRI works, and I’m usually in LO BASIC anyway, but I thought I might learn a little about the glue holding LO and APSO together if I learned why this is happening.

LibreOffice 1.3/Linux Mint 20

Maybe it is matter:
The MRI is written in Python, and the XrayTool is written in StarBasic.
Calling a Python extension from Basic, and calling a Basic extension from Python may are basicly different. (I never tried it.)