Archiving many document to single pdf

I have research report consist of many separate documents:

  1. Abstract and chapters using writer
  2. Appendix contains data using calc
  3. Appendix contains photos and complex diagrams using draw.

I want to compile it into single pdf archive with document outline. How to do that?
Back in the college, i just print it for every document part.
If i just export to pdf for each document and merge, the problem is:

  1. No document outline
  2. Page number management is not good

I supposed to use master document, is that supports calc and draw documents?


I once had a similar problem. I exported Calc or Draw files into raster graphics (png files) and then linked them in my Writer document. Pagination or additional headings are simple then, only related to Writer document. But it can be some (much?) additional work. Depends on the amount of extra pages.

I try to import them into writer. Some page have bad result. Mainly because pagination which can’t be triggered by importing. Thus the result may zoomed out or cropped.

Also master writer may have problem refreshing link. Pdf result differs from what you see.