Are Basic IDE Improvements In The Works?

Libre Office has really come along (using Mac), but am wondering if there has been any consideration of improving the macro editor.

Here are some items which IMHO would vastly improve workflow:

  • Being able to set bookmarks in your code, and cycle through them via a keyboard command
  • The ability to skin the look & feel of the IDE via standard CSS - similar to how Atom works
  • Code folding
  • An in-house object dictionary - similar to what the Applescript editor offers
  • A refresh command for updating the Object Catalog view (their being none, along with a lack of bookmarks, is possibly the most frustrating aspect of using the editor)

I know it is possible to use an external editor, then call a macro via the command line, but not all editors play nice when debugging, so using the built-in editor’s breakpoints and watch functionality overrides the unappealing aspects of its use.

No they are not.