Are glue points broken in Draw?

I can’t believe I even have to ask this.

New laptop running latest version of Win11 and Libreoffice My drawings are a bunch of rectangles, some are connected (think node map or org chart). I noticed that when moving a box the connector didn’t move. Farting around with it none of the glue points seem to work. At all.

I loaded a drawing I made on the old laptop under whatever version it had (maybe a year old), it’s glue points aren’t working either.

I’ve been using glue points for years, if not decades. I’ve gotta be doing something wrong but damned if I can figure out what.

And we can’t either without some sample file.

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I don’t know how to post on the site so it’s an attachment.

map328.odg (27.3 KB)

Click the up-pointing arrow icon, 7th from the left.

I can see Glue Points in the centre of each rectangle and they work OK. I also see in the toolbar that Points is highlighted, not Glue Points which I expected.
The lines are plain lines, not connectors. If I click on them they show Line selected in the Status bar where they should show Object Connectors selected. There is one connector, Shape 73, off the page, possibly a recent addition today?

It might be that your installation of LibreOffice is corrupt and has somehow changed the connectors to lines. I am not sure this can be done accidentally, see Draw: convert line to connector . Saving has cemented that change, I see this one was modified with Even if I open it with older versions the lines are still lines.

Rather than potentially damaging other files, try creating a simple diagram with three connectors. Check if it works and then save and re-open, is it still OK? If not then repeat in LibreOffice Safe Mode, Help > Restart in Safe mode > Continue in Safe Mode

Is it Bug 56959 - libvisio: Draw does not import properly MS Visio connectors ?

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Looks like changing my line to a connector solves the problem. Is there a quick way to change all my lines to connectors?

For background, I first made this some 10-15 years ago. Then when I needed a new one I copied the old one, deleted a bunch of stuff, added new stuff. Lather rinse repeat.

The line off the page is part of my attempt at making a template. I need to start over every 2 years or so, and I only really use draw for the first couple months, then things settle down. So when I need it the most I’ve forgotten everything I learned :frowning:

I unticked Solution in case some clever macro person can help.

Remember you can keep adding connectors without going back to the toolbar each time of you double click the connector too you want to use.

Technically, your “connecting lines” between boxes are not connectors. They are mere lines. Lines don’t glue while connectors do.

Use the correct “object” if you want a self-reorganising network of shapes.

How to check you have used the proper tools? Click on any “object”. The selection handles display green for ordinary shapes (a line is a basic shape) while those display orange for connectors.