Are Lotus Smartsuite files compatible?

I have been using two IBM Lotus Smartsuite programs, Lotus WordPro (File suffix .lwp) and Lotus 1-2-3 (File suffix .123), for many years, and I still find them superior to the equivalent Microsoft programs in many respects.

However, the Lotus Smartsuite programs have not been updated for about 13 years, and are not going to be, so I am now looking for a more modern potential alternative, but as I still regularly use, or need occasional access to, many thousands of Lotus WordPro and Lotus 1-2-3 files, I can only change to a program which can read and work on these files.

Therefore, does anybody have experience of using Lotus WordPro and Lotus 1-2-3 files with LibreOffice?

Many thanks.

I had to switch from Smartsuite to LO like you. LO can sort of read/import .lwp and .123 files but it is not good.

My best experience is to save your files in Smartsuite to the newest available Word .doc and Excel .xsl format. Import to LO is much better quality, less errors than importing .lwp and .123 direct.

After you import it in LO save the files in LO’s native formats .ods, .odt and work with this formats.

Even following this procedure is no guarantie to get your files 100% correct converted.

Thank you, that’s very helpful information, and I may have to try as you suggest if nobody else comes up with a better solution.