Are recent Windows 10 updates possibly degrading LO 7 performance - file i/o??

Over the past few weeks, opening, saving, and closing files with LO 7 Calc has regressed to being super slow, to the point of often getting an error stating “general input/output error”. I suspect that some Calc operations are slow because the program is trying to read from and write to a journaling, logging or temp file.

Problem is occurring on different computers having plenty of memory and performance.

I read and tried several potential fixes including changing the picklistsize without success.

Other thoughts or comments?

I read and tried several potential fixes

Which? Did you try to reset your LibreOffice user profile as well?

“general input/output error”.

When doing what?

Several potential fixes The most promising potential fix was setting the settings’ picklistsize to a much lower value in the single digits.

Cause general input/output error Saving a simple spreadsheet file that is 50.8 MB.