Are there any character blocks (special character set) supporting phonetics?

I’ve searched around for a special character block set that supports phonetic characters. I’m coming up dry. Anyone know where to download and to install the extra set?

I guess I need to clarify. The stock phonetic, phonetic extension blocks does not contain characters like vowels that represent the long, short vowel sounds.

Today we use unicode. So the question is, if the font you use, has glyphs in the designated codeblock… IMHO it is not possible to download an extension for an existing font. Sometimes newer versions are available.

Makes sense. Thanks.

Some fonts to try are mentioned in the following linked text. I guess there should be more now…

Thanks again. I wish LO had a hotkey option to insert “special characters” by unicode. Word (at least years ago when I used M$) had that ability. When I’m typing in Spanish on an English keyboard it would be quicker to just insert the unicode for those characters that are not on the English keyboard.

Actually that is a feature of Windows itself wich could be used in LibreOffice also until recently.
To quote the right person:

is from this thread, where you can also find wich hotkeys of modern LibreOffice you need to reove to use Alt+Numkey again:

Looks like the bug has been fixed and headed toward production as of the 12th. However, I’m a Linux user and the Windows meta key combination wouldn’t work there.

I see a hack here where the [shift]+[alt]+u combination doesn’t seem to work, though the last solution looks to be formidable. I’ll have to try the mod to the X Window keyboard map.