Are there any known issues with embedding fonts on MacOS?

I recently started using a MacBook, and made the curious discovery that Writer will not embed fonts when the option is selected under “File → Properties → Font”.

I have experimented with every possible combination of checkboxes on that tab. And I am also experimenting with open source fonts like Liberation Serif and DejaVu Serif, which should not have any licensing issues that would block embedding. However, files on my Mac are simply saved with tiny file sizes and no fonts embedded. When I do the same tests with the same LibreOffice version on my Windows PC, I get megabyte sized document files with fonts embedded.

I couldn’t find any reports of this in the LibreOffice Bugzilla. And there’s only one other question in this forum about font embedding on Macs, a post from 2018 about Impress that may have been a different issue. However, it just seems shocking to me that I would be the first person out there to notice this. Are there any known issues with font embedding not working on MacOS? Could anyone else with a Mac please perform a test and see if you can reproduce what I’m seeing? Thanks!

I couldn’t find any reports of this in the LibreOffice Bugzilla.

You can file a bug report if no one else responds here.
Please post the link to your bug report here.
To do this, edit your initial question. Click on “” and then on the pencil.

The Link format is “tdf#000000” (without quotes)
Replace the zeros with the error number. Thanks.

As an immediate workaround, how about exporting as Hybrid PDF with Font Embedding. Still editable in Writer and hopefully with embedded fonts. I don’t have a Mac so cannot check.