are there any plans to add a simplified option to checkboxes and other forms features?

I decided to move from Word, Excel, etc. to LibreOffice. However, today, I needed to add some checkboxes to a document and it is absurdly difficult. Instead of a simple “click-to-add” feature which places the check box (or radial dial or text field, etc.) exactly where my cursor already is, LibreOffice uses a full form design functionality. Which is great, if you need it, but a hassle if you just want a simple box and also don’t want to have to mess with positioning, removing the auto label, etc.

Sadly, I went back to Word where all I have to do is click the checkbox icon and in adds it right where my cursor is.

Are there any plans to affect this kind of option? For all the apps?

Turn to to

  • Search for an enhancement request addressing your issue –or
  • File such enhancement request on your own, if you want something to be implemented.

(Most users here are users of LibreOffice just like you and got no idea, what developers are interested in and plan to implement in the future).

Tell us what you want to do with the “checkbox”.

Is it part of the text? In which case it is just one Dingbat glyph you can find in the appropriate Unicode block and create a shortcut for it.

Should it react? I.e. when you click inside, a check mark is added/removed. This requires full form design.

Okay, thanks. I am new to Libre so didn’t know about a place to ask the developers.

Unicode doesn’t seem to work in any app on my computer. When I try, other apps open instead of ‘whatever’ inserting. I don’t know how to fix this.

I would like the check box function as a check box. In Word, you have the option of form design OR insert, with the ability to “x” it. The “drag-to-create” feature of Libre is hard to line up and also has it’s own text alongside the box that you then have to go in and delete (still haven’t figured out how to do that). Word has figured out how to simplify for non-developers, so it’s clearly doable.

The Libre form design tool is great for people who understand that terminology and are development savvy, but many (most?) of us aren’t. Creating forms in Word with checkboxes, dials, and fill-in fields is A LOT simpler. Would love to see it in Libre.

I will check the other site you listed.

Thank you both for responding

In my installation of LibreOffice Writer, AutoCorrect is already populated with many helpful short cuts :checkbox: gives ☐ (U+2610), :checkbox2: gives :ballot_box_with_check: (U+2611), and :checkbox3: gives ☒ (U+2612).

To use the Unicode number just type it and immediately press Alt+X. Unless there is confusion with another Unicode number you can normally ignore the U+ and any preceding 0s, so 2610 then Alt+X will give ☐

Should it react? I.e. when you click inside, a check mark is added/removed. This requires full form design.

Well, it depends. E.g., using Input list field with choices of ☐ and :ballot_box_with_check: may be enough for some use cases. Or maybe even Conditional text.