Are there any 'universal' fonts in calc ?

Hi, are there any ‘universal’ fonts which look/behave identically in LO calc under both Windows and Linux and also in MS office ? I’ve managed to find “liberation sans” which appears identical in calc in both Win10 and Linux. When saved as an .ods file the re-opened file still shows the same font. If I save the same file as .xlsx when reopend the font has changed to Arial. It may not seem like much of a problem but I do sometimes find if the font changes, characters may not always fit… sometimes I even get the #### in number boxes in one font but not in another. Whilst I may be using slightly different versions of LO, the data files are identical as I store and access them from Googledrive, so it is essentially the same file being worked on by different versions of LO

LO (x64) on Win10
LO (x64) on linux mint
LO (x64) on Win 7 … but not for much longer !

You are mixing two issues.

  1. you are working with differrent releases of LibreOffice, and changes to font handling between releases, or the different font handling of the os/DE in use, will affect final layout of the text/numbers in a Calc cell

  2. font metrics – Liberation Mono is monospaced, while Arial is a proportionaly spaced font

Change your default on MS Excel to use a mono space font, likewise each install of LibreOFfice – my preference for this is ‘Noto Mono’, but ‘Liberation Mono’ works well also.