Are there options to change the 3d appearance of a standard push button?

Using Version: (x64)
Build ID: c28ca90fd6e1a19e189fc16c05f8f8924961e12e
Windows 11 Home

I’m creating a hyperlink using the dialog and creating a push button for it in the form selection. The button comes out as a nearly-flat grey box.

I am aware that the font and color can be changed, but this does not enhance the edges of the button or give it a more shaded look.

Is there any setting to give it a more 3D appearance?

There is no function for a 3D display in the control properties.

You can make a feature request on Bugzilla.

How to Report Bugs in LibreOffice and feature requests.

In Control Properties, there is a field Graphic in which you can add an image of a button.
I created a 3D type button in Draw and exported it. It turns out that .png works better than svg because it keeps its original colour.
The edge of the original grey button still shows
3D_Button.ods (13.0 KB)

3D_Button.odg (9.4 KB)

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Thanks for the suggestion & the graphic.

Now, how is it that the button label shows over the graphic? When I try this the button label gets covered by the graphic…I don’t see any Z-order properties. I’m using the Graphic option under the Control Properties.

You have to label the graphic

The only other way I can think of, would be to just have the graphic and assign a hyperlink to it. You would have to Ctrl-click it to follow the link unless you change to settings in Options

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Right-click the graphic > Save … (as png)
Assign the png file to the button’s graphic property.

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I shouldn’t have made my last comment from my phone, it wasn’t what I did.

It was exactly as Villeroy said: in Control Properties, in the General tab scroll down to Graphics field, in the button labelled with an ellipsis (...) navigate to the png and OK.

Scroll up to Font field and set desired appearance for the Label.