Are you implementing something with the new brand technology called AI?

Is just a my curiosity about what you guys doing for this beautiful world.
Are you implementing something with any kind of AI or you are not interested at all?

Could you elaborate more about what you have in mind? AI is very large. Where do you a possible improvement with the use of AI? Cases are very different in Writer, Calc, Draw, Impress and Base, not counting Math which lags years behind the others.

Note also this site is fed by “ordinary” users sharing their knowledge. This is not the ideal channel to reach developers.

Write me a macro … based on unspecific requirements.


Here are some suggestions for AI tools for Writer:

  1. I’m currently finishing up an ~500 page book, and I’m still getting ideas I want to include, but finding the appropriate place to add them can be challenging. Ordinary search requires exact references, which I often can’t come up with. An AI search, that would allow me to reference a concept, would be a boon. I could say, “find where I talk about people who hate Italian food.” It would find the passage where I used the phrase “…their main objection to the boot shaped land of their ancestors, is the food…”, which would be difficult to find with standard search if I couldn’t remember that particular word play.

  2. A more scholastic Spelling/Grammar/Punctuation/Sentence Structure/etc. check. I currently copy/paste segments into GooleDocs for it’s more advanced corrective capability. And, now GoogleDocs has a ChatGPT extension–though the performance of the AI extension has been uneven, and even false. But, GoogleDocs, sans extension, does a great job with bare spelling/grammar/punctuation.

  3. A Spell Check that understands colloquial idioms, and can associate them to the written context. Also, a Spell Check that has a more real world reference, so it recognizes names/places/events/etc not only from history, but also from current culture, that often are not in the Libreoffice dictionary.
    GoogleDocs is fairly remarkable at this, as well.

  4. A tool that can read what I’ve written, so far, and assess it’s structure, and assist in the daunting task of organizing the content into a cohesive work. It would, also, be able to locate areas of duplication, places where the thought isn’t complete or could be fleshed out, places where the writing could be tightened up, etc. It would be able to summarize, and offer suggestions for reorganizing it for better flow, making it more readable, and/or more engaging, and/or more persuasive, and/or more convincing, etc. An AI tool that could work on a large document, like my 500+ page book would be awesome! ChatGPT tends to be limited in this respect. A possible way to cut down on AI processing cost might be gained by giving the AI the task of following a particular document throughout it’s lifetime, thus it could be more incremental in it’s scans and subsequent assessments, only scanning changes, rather than scanning the whole document each time a change is detected.


Expect a Tsunami of Bullshit this year.


I don’t know who “you” is when you ask here.
But for me/my company - we don’t expect any progress concerning AI used in Office-Software.
And I guess it is the third Wave of" AI will change the world" I see now - so maybe I’m a bit biased.


-How did you like this sonnet that our artificial intelligence just wrote in Writer?

-I have always loved this sonnet …


AI obviously means Assistive Interfaces …:>

“Obviously” I read artificial intelligence. Maybe @ettoreongaro knows a third variant…

I too read “Artificial Intelligence”. Communication theory recommends to avoid abbreviations, all the more when there are several meanings, and always write the expression in full, at least the first time.

Hi i’ve just developped something like that using local llm (free and no data goes out)

and i’m working on :

  • a new simplified version using lama-cpp-python and ollama
  • a packaging (if someone can help me, i’m new in LO development)