Array character limit in one cell? [Calc]


Create an array from external data from clipboard.


  1. Open new Calc sheet.
  2. Click F2 with one cell selected.
  3. Paste the contents of file Test.doc|attachment.
  4. Press CTRL + SHIFT + ENTER.


Error 512 - Formula with too many token.


Is there a way to copy data from a column, or an external source such as the one presented in Test.doc, and paste it as an array?

Thank you!

Limits - see FAQ - What is the maximum number of cells, rows, columns and sheets in a LibreOffice spreadsheet? (Characters per cell: 32767)

Thank you for your comment. However, the question was not the limit itself. It was if it is possible to copy the contents of a column of data from a sheet and paste to another column as an array.