Arrow with multiple (straight) turns in LO Draw?

I want to draw an arrow between two objects in LibreOffice Draw. For simplicity suppose they’re rectangular and even that they have those “connection points” and the arrow connects those.

Now, I don’t want it to be straight arrow, I want it to turn and circumnavigate other elements on my canvas And - there’s more than two bends, so it’s more than just straight - 90 deg turn - straight - 90 deg turn - straight, it can be any number of turns.

I know Visio has an arrow widget in which you can create additional segments dynamically, while in LibreOffice I see just the simple up-to-three-segments version. I suppose I could manually draw multiple line segments that each end where the next starts, but then I would not be able to drag the objects around without the segments getting disconnected.

There is no simple solution for that. My workaround is to use several connectors.

Starting from the first object, I connect a connector to it, ending in a “free” location. I then add a second connector from the free end-point of the first and ending either on the second object or in a free location if I need more than two.

This is not perfect because the connectors may disconnect from themselves when you try to optimise routing. It is not really important since you can reconnect them by dragging the disconnecting end onto the desired glue point.

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This seems like an appropriate work around until multi-segmented lines are made available in LO. Would you mind posting a few pictures demonstrating this process? I am having trouble following your directions as given. Thank you for the help!

I’m really trying to move away from the renowned Office products. But every time I try I just seem to find where Libre Office is lacking. Elbow arrow heads seems to be just another one of those areas.

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