Ask/Getting Started from old to new?

@guilhem , Please, have a look:

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Nice work, looks great to me! But as said I’m not really the right person to review this because I’m not really using AskLibO in the first place :slight_smile: OTOH your fellow TL4 users will probably be able to give valuable feedback.

The only thing that pops to mind is, I thought you’d be re-using About the English category. That post was (automatically) created for this very purpose and meant to be edited with proper content by community members. Perhaps your new topic could be merged in? It’s not that we have to use this post, but if not then I guess it should be un-pined and deleted. Or did you have another purpose in mind for that topic?

Either way, should I toggle QnA on your topic? Right now it shows with a couple of Answers which are not really answers/solutions per se :slight_smile: Without QnA they’ll show are mere replies instead, with any follow-up replies being added at the end.

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Either way, should I toggle QnA on your topic?

Yes, that’s a good idea. :grinning:

I don’t think I understand enough about it :frowning:

As it turns out it’s not possible to toggle it on a per-topic basis. The only exception is the so-called category topic which is About the English category . I suppose that’s a strong reason to reuse that topic instead of creating a new one :slight_smile: It’s possible to disable QnA for specific tags though.

@guilhem , sorry for the Question.

Is the topic allocation of

done, or is there still something that needs to be done?

In the meantime, I have additionally created the topic in the wiki.
It is also already localized for German.

For hints in answers it is easier to handle, because you can also jump to a sublink.

Not sure what you mean by “Topic allocation”, but if you don’t want to recycle the category “landing page” About the English category and is fine with QnA presentation then I guess it is. The landing page ought to be deleted or filled some some other content though.

It’s also doable here, you can jump to a particular by appending its number (see the :link: icon at the footer), and each heading is assigned an anchor, too (hover to see the link). For instance







It’s also doable here, …

Ah, thanks.

About the English category

I will have a look at that.

in About the English category is written: “(Replace this first paragraph…”.
Is this what the title means. (Sorry I am not a native English speaker)

The topic title? No, that’s ”About the English category” and you can edit it by clicking on the pencil next to it. You might need to add a tag, in that case #meta is probably a good choice since we’ll need to recategorize/review these anyway.

I only understand “station” at the moment.

I don’t want to write about the English category, but how to use this Ask page (as already written).

So with the pencil at the title, I can change the title to “This is the guide: How to use the Ask site?” and paste the answers from there after?

@Hrbrgr: Yes.

Sometimes it’s easier than one might think :grinning:

Can you please delete the existing question:

This is the guide: How to use the Ask site?

I have copied out the contents.

However, I cannot create a new title in “About the English category” as long as this question still exists.

Thank you. Feedback after deletion would be great.

I think you can do that yourself, expand the menu at the bottom of the question and click the trashbin icon.

No, the bin indicates “you do not have permission to delete”.

Alright then, done.

Since the system only wanted to allow 3 answers this time, I packed the answers into one.

Nice! Formatting nitpick: You used paragraphs in bold face instead of headings. While the rendering looks similar, you don’t get auto-anchoring this way. Discourse’s flavor of markdown has a syntax for this # Heading, ## Sub-Heading, ### Subsub-Heading etc. This has clearer semantics and anchors are automatically generated.

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So, now it should be right (?)