Ask/Getting Started from old to new?

Would it make sense if I migrated the Ask/Getting Started wiki page, Ask/Getting Started - The Document Foundation Wiki , or adapted it to the migrated Ask page, English - Ask LibreOffice ?

First of all, thank you both, @erAck, @EarnestAl, for your answer.
Yes, it is also about the question of how the wiki page is then integrated into AskLO. In this respect, I also hope for an answer from an admin. Here only patience helps for the time being.


(or what was the question? ; )

I think it would make sense to adapt to Discourse, mainly sceenshots but also possibly a shortened list of keyboard shortcuts. Linked from FAQ or the hamburger menu would be only place from what I see.
Most of the information, such as how to report bugs, is important but now disconnected from the site. Cheers, Al

Please don’t expect everyone to read every single question and use @-addressing to poke specific people. Or invite them to the topic. Or in the case of the infra team, use other channels provided on this site. Otherwise you might as well wait for Godot :slight_smile:

@Hrbrgr thanked us after we had commented on his question, please don’t censure him for politeness.
Using Meta was the old tag for questions about the site. We are all new to this and I see today that Site Feedback might be the category it should be in?
Nobody wants to live the Samuel Beckett play
Cheers, Al

I certainly didn’t mean to “censure” anyone :-/ AskBot’s meta tag was where discussion about the site happened, but I for one didn’t follow it and I don’t think other admins did either. Someone would occasionally bring our attention to a specific thread on IRC or by email, and we’d get action items on Redmine, but Askbot itself wasn’t a reliable way to get in touch with admins either :slight_smile:

As for how meta will adapt to Discourse, #site-feedback would be a natural replacement but it doesn’t account for translations. See Old site meta questions , but if the consensus is to use sub-categories it makes sense to follow that scheme for #meta / #site-feedback and decommission the existing category.

(@guilhem or other mods: please move topics like these, which have English+meta, to Site Feedback).

That’s blocking on resolution for Old site meta questions (and also It seems like we may now introduce sub-directories under English for Writer, Calc etc). See also the Redmine ticket mentioned there.

Note how the new pinned topic appears on the home page:

This “Attention: this is not a real question …” looks alien, and there’s no link there in that text, that could lead a new user anywhere when they wonder what is it about.

The text itself is a link, and is taken from the first paragraph of that topic. I guess the topic should be prefaced with a short paragraph that could be used as description for the #english category.

No (or maybe I misunderstood what you mean: clicking on the text will not navigate anywhere, nor does it indicate it by cursor change, using Chrome on Windows)

Ah true, misremembered. My bad for not checking before posting :slight_smile:

Could it be useful to convert the new pinned guide to wiki? (Maybe not, I don’t know if making it such would encourage people to improve it more or not, just a thought)

In Work!

No, I meant the post here on this Discourse site.

Do you have a link to what you meant?

In This is the guide - How to use the Ask site?, I have an option to convert it to a wiki:

No idea if that would be beneficial (my hope would be that it could prompt people to edit/improve it), that’s why I’m asking :slight_smile:

In This is the guide - How to use the Ask site?, I have an option to convert it to a wiki:

I didn’t know that it could be done automatically.
I did it manually and it still needs to be added.

So my question: What didn’t you like about my link above?

Why did you think I didn’t like something in that link? I am talking about something completely different.

You pointed to the wiki, which is separate; and changing it is fine and great - but absolutely unrelated to making a post here, on Discourse, a wiki post.

Let me go ahead and try that, to see what would happen.

Yes, I misunderstood that, sorry. :frowning:
Another wiki, pfhh.