Old site meta questions

We can see meta questions (edit:) of the old ask site (/edit) that could be misleading in this (new) site. Should we delete them?

i.e. What triggers comment notifications here?

Edt: I’m not talking about recategorization (that may be needed), but about content not suitable here/now, like: “click the gray circle with the white checkmark to the left of this answer”, “use the paper clip to upload a sample file”.

@sophi and I briefly discussed that in rdm#2952 — seems we could re-categorize them and use the “Site Feedback” category (or yet another one) would indeed make a suitable venue for such discussion. The point is that we want most categories to have a Q&A-flavored presentation but “meta” doesn’t contains actual questions right? (For instance I’d want a “Reply” button to add my 2¢ now, but my only options are “Answer” and “Comment”.)

What’s not so clear to me is how to make it fit the multilingual model. We could use sub-categories “Meta » English”, “Meta » Deutsch”, etc. or the other way around “English » Meta”, “Deutsch » Meta”, etc. (the latter needs some testing though as I don’t know if the per-category QnA settings unconditionally apply to sub-categories or not).

Also, note that while topics (questions) can be tagged with several tags, they can’t belong to multiple categories.

I suggest Language → Meta as most people probably enter one language category (maybe two) and then would be presented with the proper subcategory already. Would make even more sense if we introduced module categories under languages as well.

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