does not play nice with Discourse Hub app

Subject line says it all really. I use a number of different Discourse installs for various projects none of the others have cross-over to LibreOffice but they all work with the Discourse Hub app for iOS. Sadly does not. When I try to connect here via that app I get either a 502 Bad Gateway Error or an authorization error. Using Safari for iOS however lets me in.

There are occasions when I am not sat at my desk or able to use my laptop, both of which can access this and other Discourse sites without problems, so rely on the Discourse Hub app to participate the various communities. At the moment LibreOffice is inaccessible to me then.

Dunno if that app supports SAML authentication in the first place; this is a must have for AskLibO and other TDF services. That said, timing correlation suggests this might be related to this. Raised the buffer size to 8k accordingly. Does it help?

Nope didn’t make any difference.

Then I assume the app doesn’t support SAML authentication.

Thrown it to Discoure Meta who created the app.