How do I unfold / unhide / expand the text in site?

When I display questions (and their answers and comments) in, I see only the first one or two lines and then … (3 dots) If I click on the … to expand, nothing happens.

For example

I see only -

I downloaded the Main Installer and installed it, and downloaded the second file, LibreOffice built-in help. They both i …

I want to see the rest of the sentence after They both i…
How can I see the expanded text indicated by the 3 dots?

Agreed. I sincerely hope this is a temporary glitch from work being done behind the scenes, although why posts need to be truncated is beyond me. I spend more time clicking on things in this site than any other, so more clicking is the last thing this site needs IMO. I have grave fears for this site. It has become unusable on my iPhone and is fast heading the same way via the desktop.

@Shane1 – see Eaten up text on - today’s bug?