Is new More feature really needed?

I see a lot of the messages (almost all) have a “more” link to click to expand the current question, answer and comment. Don’t really understand the need behind this… This is little bit annoying.


  1. A lot of more clicking to read all of the web page. Don’t see the point, web pages have a natural way of being longer, use mouse wheel to scroll.
  2. Fast reading the web page is unusable. For example if I want to know how to install LibreOffice on Linux, then I expects to have some terminal commands in answer. If multiple answers, then I only need to fast preview the whole web page and look for commands - no need to read all of the answers, comments etc. Not possible you need to click on all more links.
  3. Searching the web page using CTRL+F is unusable, because you have to click on all of the “More” links before searching.
  4. Printing (to file) the web page is unusable - interesting posts I export to PDF and save them on my local computer. Now clicking on “More” is required before printing-to file.

    Just wondering am I the only one that totally dislike this “more” feature? Can I turn this off in my personal settings (despite I think it should be turned of globally).


I am putting this in a new answer because at least then some reasonable amount of the text will display. One very serious problem this new change introduces is that I now need to click on the majority of answers and comments in a thread to be certain I have read all the related information. I am already beginning to mistakenly post information previously provided by others. This is seriously bad UI.

Please file a “request for enhancement” on Bugzilla.

Component: WWW

Version: unspecified

Severity: enhancement

Key word in Summary: ASKLIBREOFFICE: …

Maybe Evgeny can explain this UI change and the underlying purpose?

I’m pretty sure that there is a global configuration setting to return to the previous UI

(without the "more" button).

Update 2013-10-03

Bug 70094 - ASKLIBREOFFICE: Remove “(more)” link from Askbot 0.7.49

Status: New

Feel free to add your comments on Bugzilla …

Thanks to @dajare.

UPDATE 2013-10-18

fdo#70094 has been fixed today,

the "(more)" link has ceased to exist (for questions, answers and comments of usual size). :slight_smile:

I notice that the Askbot version running at the Askbot site is still 0.7.48…

@manj_k - Evgeny will no doubt add a reply to a question about this on the Askbot site.

UPDATE OK, gents: Evgeny has answered - who can do this?

And see now fdo#70094

@dajare“- who can do this?”

Evgeny, “with whom we have a support contract on AskBot maintenance”, or site admins with access to the backend.

@dajare – Thanks for fdo#70094. I have added Evgeny to the CC list. :slight_smile:

@dajare – I’m sorry that I have accidentally removed your posting “We hates it”. This happened as I tried to reject “flagged offensive (1x)”. I don’t have access to the database to restore it. Feel free to post it again.

@manj_k - Gutted! It was one of my finest answering moments! And, as @oweng’s comment noted, designed entirely to bring a smile while registering a meaningful response. I’ll leave it. For the record - it was just a line from LotR, with an accompanying graphic as commentary on the “(more)” link phenomenon.

Oh no! “We wants it, we needs it. Must have the precious. They stole it from us. Sneaky little hobbitses. Wicked, tricksy, false!” OK, I’ll stop now :slight_smile: I still laugh thinking about that answer. Classic.

Re: UPDATE 2013-10-18 : LET THE BELLS RING AND THE BANNERS FLY. :slight_smile: We’re happieses.

@dajare“We’re happieses”

Unfortunately: 403 Forbidden - You don’t have permission to access /wp-content/…

@manj_k - drat! Works for me! (Can’t edit preceding comment.) But we’re still happy, oh yes we are. (Hope that one works!)

@dajare – Thanks, “still happy” works for me. :slight_smile:

My thanks to everyone who worked on this, and Evgeny in particularly. Much appreciated.

I also was a bit negative surprised when I saw the first “more”. With my eyes I can read fast and can skip text I don’t need. Thus, removing the “more” would be appreciated.

I also was a bit negative surprised when I saw the first “more”. With my eyes I can read fast and can skip text I don’t need. Thus, removing the “more” would be appreciated.