Asking for example code for ROUND() function HSQLDB

Hi, I’m trying to round the values from a field in which I have salaries, so I want to use the ROUND function. However I am getting a syntax error. Due there are some minor differences between SQL and HSQLDB, it seems that I am doing something wrong.

This is my code:

SELECT “Nombre”, “Apellido1ero”, “SalarioBruto_EUR”

ROUND (“SalarioBruto_EUR”, 0) AS “SalarioRedondeado”


It produce a SQL Error 1000, Syntax error.

The fields are in Spanish, but are easy to understand Nombre (Name), Apellido1ero (FirstName), SalarioBruto_EUR (GrossSalary_EUR)

What I want is to round the values of SalarioBruto_EUR and show these values rounded as SalarioRedondeado, however I am getting the syntax error.
Due there are differences between SQL and HSQLDB, I’d really appreciate your help to let me know what am I typing wrong


You are using the ROUND statement exactly right. I think the problem is that you need a comma at the end of the first line. SQL is insistent on commas between columns, and the ROUND AS statement functions as another column.

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Doug buddy, you are absolutely right. A SINGLE COMMA! you are right, I’m sorry did not see it. Thanks a lot.

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