ASkLibO: "Message waiting" icon

To this site administrators and maintainers

For a few days now, the message waiting icon does not turn red when a question is updated. I made comments to these questions or contributed answers. However, the icon no longer show systematically an alert; it has become erratic.

Is there a setting in my account I could tune? I don’t mean the email alert (which is disabled).

I just want the visual clue when I refresh the screen telling “You have x new responses” with a click leading to the Notifications page. The feature has a correct behaviour: no red icon, no new notifications, although the questions I participate in are updated.


If this may help: I still get the red “message waiting” icon with notifications on the French leg of the site, but none on the English leg. Therefore, it might be a configuration issue on the server itself.

2019-11-22: Line of edit just to bring to top - by Ratslinger

2020-02-25 Updates to questions or answers seem to be notified (at least sometimes) but new comments aren’t. Consequently, I don"t receive requests for further information – by ajlittoz

2020-02-26 I have an example today of a lack of notification when a new answer has been added to a question I am involved with (ajlittoz)

same here :slight_smile:

Hi @mikekaganski, didn’t get notification of your comment. I had to look at my question.

@ajlittoz & @mikekaganski,

Have had this problem for a few weeks now. Seems if @ name is used I get a notification. Also not seeing all in my Activity - erratic. Have reported this multiple times and recently got response:

Never stated anything about email (although that has been a long standing problem) and even re-sent the message with specific instances but only can offer the link above and this additional response:

That's what I reported in the issue assigned to AskBot upstream.  TDF's
infra team can't afford doing AskBot development nor fix upstream bugs.
At best we can evaluate replacement solutions, and as a matter of fact
we are.

@Ratslinger: thank you for the information! Unfortunately, it seems that @ didn’t do the trick: I only saw the comment now that I decided to re-visit it to ask if things have improved today, or is it my false impression.


You are correct. It appears that in the last day or two I am getting nothing.

Been through this once before and it was horrible. You don’t know if someone has responded to your comment or answer or provided additional information. In past saw an eventual drop of questions for some time as it seemed people thought they were being ignored.

Now e-mail notifications is another story. That has been erratic at best for years now.

Did get a notification today when the answer I had commented on was modified. Otherwise nothing else. Strange part was it was not the new posting but rather the previous posting.

From the redmine issue:

*#*2 Updated by Evgeny Fadeev about 17 hours ago

Sorry for missing this ticket and thank you for reminding. Will fix by early next week.


Thanks for the update. Getting very tired of trying to track things. Surprisingly I got a notification of you comment. Go figure!

Surprisingly I got a notification of you comment. Go figure!

Just because I developed a habit of editing the comment right after submitting it, to enforce the notification :slight_smile:

Got it! Thanks again!

However I did not edit my comment. Did you receive a notification on my previous comment? (edited this one)

No I didn’t received notification about “Getting very tired of trying to track things” one (but of course got about this one). I re-visited this question meeting a mention of this issue in @ajlittoz’s answer.

I apply your recipe: immediately edit the comment. Do you receive the notification?

If so, this may help to fix the bug.

I received one notification (with original text, which was “I apply your recipe: immediately edit the comment. Do you receive the notification?”, without the second line “If so, this may help to fix the bug.”).

I already mentioned this fact in the redmine issue :slight_smile:

Then it means you received the original comment, without the need for the edit. Very erratic!

No, it means that every edit pushes the previous stuck notification - see my explanation in redmine :slight_smile:

By the way, I didn’t receive a notification about this your comment. Just decided to check.

I sent it without an edit as you said you received the previous original before I edited it with a different content to make clear which occurrence triggered notification.

Had a look at Redmine. OK, let’s wait.

End of thread, no need to acknowledge reception.

In the redmine bug, I was asked to test recent changes (and yes, some changes I see, not from 5 days ago though, and unrelated to the notifications - now it wraps lines without respect to word boundaries :frowning: ). So could you please post a comment here once without editing it - so that I could check if I get a notification? I will see the notification, or otherwise I will re-visit this thread this evening. Thanks!

Also noticed the erratic line wrap. Another annoying bug or side effects (at least for a few weeks/months): activity log does not contain all contributions. Written at 7:15 UTC.

@ajlittoz: see your message’s notification. I will also not edit my comment; if you see its notification, then at least this seems to be working at last.