AskLO usability: search criteria

I need to access a previous answer I made. I know the question number (but not the exact title) and the approximate date, but I can’t reach the question.

When I am close to the date (and it is very tedious to scroll there due to the average daily traffic resulting in a respectable number of questions), I probe the questions but they aren’t sorted by question number, i.e. the list is not monotonic in this number because they are sorted on date of last contribution.

To the best of your knowledge, is there a way to query this site on date or question number?

Just open any question.
In the address bar of your web browser you will see the number at the end.
Change this number with your number and press Enter.

If you enter 10 (English) or 11 (German), you will get the corresponding instructions.

Great! This means that the “redact” data (transformed title) has no role in the URL.

EDIT: where should I enter 10 or 11? The number after the question # is the n-th post. On the home page e.g., the number is the language id (5 for English)

Awfully sorry, @Hrbrgr, I read the guide before asking and re-read it after your comment but I didn’t find mention of this useful trick. Perhaps you learnt it from another Discourse site? Anyway, thanks for teaching me.

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Sorry, for my english therm “instructions”; it should say “Guide”.

Substitute any number, the 10 to the URL and press enter, so you get the guide.
I found out the trick myself (trial and error) and according to the principle cheekiness wins. :wink:

Anyway, thanks for teaching me.

It was an honor.

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