Assign a calculated value to a form field

My table has a Date/Time Stamp field.
I can’t figure how to have the date/time stamp field update automatically.
I tried entering the default value as now()
But when I click away from the field in the design view the now() disappears.
I created a form and for the field property I again tried entering the default value as now(), same thing, it goes away when I click away from the default property field.
I created a function getnow() that returns the now() value i.e.
function getnow()
getnow = now()
end function
I assign this to an event such as mouse enter.
No use.
Generally, how can I both use a value from a field in the active record in a form and conversely how can I assign a fucntion or a procedure value to a field in the active record in a form?
Please help
Thank you

@AlexKemp, I have the exact same question. I am moving form MS Access and have a Date/Time field called “Created” that I want to automatically timestamp. In Access I could put =Now() for date and time, or =Date() for just date. I can put 0 or 1 in the Default value box, so I know it’s doing something, but when I click F1 for help there is no help on this. The only note is the one in the right hand box, "Enter a default value for this field. When you later enter data in the table, this st.

Hi Anon,

Are you asking how to insert a current timestamp whenever a new record is added via the form?